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September 20, 2016

Panos book on lives of South Asia’s women combatants launched

Garrisoned Minds: Women and Armed Conflict in South Asia, a Panos South Asia publication edited by Laxmi Murthy and Mitu Varma which reflects on the lives of women combatants including former Maoist combatants and other conflict zones in South Asia, was launched on September in New Delhi and Kathmandu.

The book explores the impact of militarisation on the lives of women in four conflict-affected zones of South Asia: Pakistan’s frontier provinces which share a border with Afghanistan; Nepal during and after its decade-long civil war; Northeast India under the shadow of AFSPA; and the Kashmir valley amidst the overwhelming presence of the Indian army.

Twelve journalists from across the region have contributed in the making of the book, published by Speaking Tiger Books.

The essays on the book range from evocative accounts of women’s personal lives during combat in Nepal and while travelling through the changing political landscape of Manipur, to detailed explorations of violent restrictions imposed on specific communities, such as the Hazaras of Pakistan, the dancing girls of Swat Valley, or the ostracised widows of counter-insurgents in Kashmir. They represent the lived realities of a diverse set of women forced to come to terms with horrific circumstances, and determined to wage peace.

More about the book here.

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