February 12, 2015

‘Climate Change and Multimedia Communications Workshop’ 17 – 24 August 2009, Kathmandu, Nepal

Panos South Asia (PSA) is a part of a family of Panos Institute worldwide that encourages and facilitates public discourse on a wide range of issues, particularly those that have a direct impact on the least privileged and most marginalized sections of society. Panos works through media to bring neglected subjects to the fore in developmental debate, so as to give a platform for voices and perspectives, which are often rendered voiceless in the public sphere.
In this endeavour, besides other activities, PSA is implementing a project that aims to facilitate information and communication technology (ICT) driven empowerment of the marginalized people at the grassroots in development processes in South Asian countries, to mainstream their local voices and perspectives, in order to facilitate networking, knowledge sharing, and learning on various issues such as ‘climate change’ that directly or indirectly affect their livelihood.

In this regard, Panos South Asia is organising an 8 day South Asian ‘Climate Change and Multimedia Communications Workshop’ from 17 – 24 August 2009, in Kathmandu, Nepal.

The Workshop aims to build the capacity of media and other communication practitioners on climate change issues and the role of communications by applying ICTs for local content development, networking, knowledge sharing, to enable them to produce multimedia local contents on climate change communications in South Asia. It also aims to identify possible areas of synergy between media and civil society organizations (CSOs) on multimedia local content development on climate change communications.

Media and CSOs working in various social, development, environmental and other sectors and issues in South Asia wishing to participate in the workshop are requested to apply by filling out the attached application form.  All the costs for participating in the workshop for selected applicants shall be covered by PSA. Properly filled out applications should be submitted not later than 31 July 2009 by e-mail to [email protected]. ONLY selected applicants shall be informed by PSA by 7 August 2009.

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