February 12, 2015

Training Facility, Media Equipment for Hire, Media/Communications Training Services Available in Kathmandu, Nepal

If you require a training facility with all modern logistics, the Panos South Asia Media Centre is available for rent at a subsidized rate for I/NGOs and other development agencies. The Media Centre is equipped with 10 work stations/computers with WiFi, LCD projector, as well as other media equipment such as video cameras, audio recorders, audio and TV studios.

The Media Centre can accommodate 20-25 people for workshops, trainings, consultations and meetings. And 15-20 people for technical hands-on trainings, such as on digital presentation, internet, social networking tools, online/internet publishing/broadcast, blogging, audio-visual digital editing and production. During persistent load-shedding also back-up power facility is provided.

Panos South Asia Media Centre can also organize tailor made media and new media, communications for development, information and communications technologies for development (ICT4D), participatory communications, communications strategy, development advocacy, information dissemination, public information, information and knowledge management, mainstreaming marginalized voices, and other media, communications and ICT training services for I/NGOs and other development agencies as per your requirements.

Rates for using the facilities (in Nepali Rupees)
1.  Media Centre space Per day 3000
2. Media Centre with computers/internet (10 work stations) Per day 4500
3.  Media Centre computers with internet Per computer/day 500
4.  LCD Projector Per day 3000
5. Radio Studio (for training, recording, editing, production) Per hour 1500
6. Mini Disc Recorders Per piece/day 750
7.  Zoom H2 H4 Handy Recorders Per piece/day 750
8. TV Studio (for training, recording, editing, production) Per hour 2000
9. Sony PD 170 Cameras (with tripod ) Per set/day 3500
10. Video Camera Tripod Per set/day 150
11. Laptops Per day 1500
12. Canon Power Shot Camera (Pro 1) Per day 1000

For further details, please contact:

Dawa Yolmo, Office Coordinator
Panos South Asia, Sri Durbar Tole, Patan, Lalitpur
Phone: 5521889/5531447; E-mail: [email protected]

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