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December 26, 2019

The Alphabet of Violence and Resistance

The Stepping Stones and Body of Evidence projects which bring the research from Sexual Violence & Impunity project to a larger audience through creative art forms, are excited to introduce The Alphabet of Violence & Resistance. Visual art is a powerful and effective medium to spark difficult conversations around issues of impunity and how it affects access to justice for victims and survivors of sexual violence. The Alphabets, a collaboration of various artists across Nepal, are typographic posters that illustrate different facets of impunity to initiate discussions that contribute to our collective understanding of the same. We look forward to your engagement.

Creative Director – Ashmina Ranjit

Artists – Anamika Gautam, Deepmala Maharjan, Deepak Thami, Ishan Pariyar, Kunti Shree Thapa, Namrata Singh Danuwar, Prakash Ranjit, Sabita Dangol, Siddhanta Pudasaini

Writers – Kailash Rai, Kriti Adhikari, Nisha Karki, Pranika Koyu, Rita Baramu, Saras Chari, Surendra Joshi

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