Ongoing Projects

Brief description of the ongoing projects at the Panos South Asia.

1) Capacity building of media in South Asia to advocate and influence regional cooperation for migrant labour, (2015-2017).

Engaging 16 South Asian journalists (print, broadcast and online) on labour-related laws, international migrant labour rights and increasing the frequency and quality of media coverage of migrant labour by through stories on the issues. The objective of this project is to create and promote a migrant labor friendly environment by initiating a common South Asian voice for labor reforms.

Supported by the Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation (SDC).

2) Monitoring media for economic news in Nepal – and also India, China and Bangladesh, (2012-present).

Monitoring media reports on macro economic news, with focus on hydrowpower, infrastructure and tourism in Nepal. Subsequently select coverage of economic news — that had some bearing on Nepal – from Bangladesh, China and India was included. Major daily and weekly newspapers, TV channels and FM radio stations as well online media are monitored for the purpose.

The content is uploaded on a database initially created by PSA’s partner on the project, Centre for Inclusive Growth (CIG) Nepal which was set up by Adam Smith International. Now the content is also used by the Investment Board Nepal (IBN).

Supported by Adam Smith International and United Kingdom’s Department for International Development (DFID).

3) Bringing Women’s Voices into the Mainstream: Media Research Fellowships on Women and Militarization in South Asia (2014-2016).

Training and mentoring 12 journalists from Nepal, India and Pakistan to study the impact of militarization on women, centre their narratives in public discourse, disseminate them widely through mainstream media and exert public pressure for dialogue and change. The initiative aims to articulate the concerns of women in three different conflict scenarios in each of these respective countries.

Supported by Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC).

4) Increasing understanding on scenarios for climate change and its impact on agriculture among the public, experts and policy makers through media, (2014-2015)

The initiative aims to develop scenarios for agriculture and climate change and involve experts who would identify key issues that require media attention. Besides holding a media dialogue (in Dhaka, Bangladesh on 9 March 2015), the initiative also engages cartoonist/illustrator to promote the media message.

These key messages will be reported by 25 journalists from regional language, national and international media participating in the media dialogue.

Partnered and supported by Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCFAS), a research programme of the Consortium of International Agricultural Research Centres (CGIAR).